The Things that Disappear in the Distance
Germantown, NY, 2009

Using the work of the Hudson River School as a starting point, chiandetti-kuhn have reflected on themes of discovery and exploration in a variety of media to research and pay homage to this group of 19th Century American painters. Their interest lies in the notion that many of the works by these romantic artists are not exact reproductions of the region, but are in fact composites the artists would have made from various preparatory sketches and imaginary sources for the psychological effect they desired. In the same manner that an image can be composed or put together, it can also be simultaneously collapsed or pulled apart. Around the performance “The Things That Disappear in the Distance” c-k have created a series of other works that inform their process. Throughout there has been a focus on a “study from nature” as well as a dialogue between interior and exterior space, memory and place.